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Hi, here’s a little about me.

I am an final year engineering student at the University of Delhi, pursuing a major in IT and Mathematics. I develop and (see /opensource, which I believe are the key to collaborative and reproducible research.

I am currently working in CiSTUP,IISc as Research Intern for the Design and Development of Traffic Scenarios using Unity. Previously I have worked with Agnisys as an AI Reinforcement and Machine Learning Engineer, where my work here revolves around creating a ChatBot using LLM’s for the company’s documentation and IIT Delhi to Develop an Mixed Reality (MR) platform for Joint Attention Training for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

I have contributed to Open-Source community called [P1] Virtual Civilization Initiative, where my work revolved around developing features for their open world game, testing the Environment for the fellow developer and reviewing the PR’s before merging into the main branch.

Currently I am also contributing in Infection Monkey in the development of Cookiecutter template for their organization.

I am broadly interested in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Cognitive Science, Machine Learning(ML) & Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality(AR) & Mixed Reality(MR) and Unity Dev. I am extremely passionate about Open-Source. I am also developing some taste for pure Large Language Model and Core Library Contributions (like: Pybamm,Linux kernal,Terosology,etc…).

Current and Past Affiliations Link to heading

The organisations, institutes, and programs I am currently working for (or under), or have worked for in the past.

Machine Learning and LLMs Engineer Link to heading

Agnisys, Boston, Massachusetts, – (June 2023 - Sept 2023)

  • Here my work here revolves around Automating the Test Cases of digital circuit and Building a ChatBot for the organization internal use.

Mixed Reality Researcher Link to heading

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD), New Delhi – (Dec 2022 - April 2023)

  • Developed an Mixed Reality (MR) platform for Joint Attention Training for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using Microsoft Mixed Reality Tool (MRTK) library for HoloLens 2 platform under the Mentorship of Prof. Tapan K. Gandhi.
  • The platform’s effectiveness was measured and monitored by healthcare practitioners using positive reinforcement techniques and multiple sessions to gradually improve Joint Attention abilities.
  • The project aimed to address the problem of social and cognitive deficits in individuals with ASD by providing an innovative solution for Joint Attention Training.

Augmented Reality Developer Link to heading

DreamXR, New Delhi – (Jun 2022 - Sept 2022)

  • Worked on creating an environment in the real world for multiplayer to battle in an arena for a Spinning-Top Augmented Reality Game.
  • Photon and AR Foundation Library are used for implementing the Augmented Reality and Multiplayer environment in the Unity-based software.
  • The software lets player decide the spinning top it want to battle in the arena with a random player globally.

XR Developer Link to heading

Ramanujan College, Delhi Unviersity, New Delhi – (Apr 2022 - Jun 2022)

  • Conducted research and development on the application of Augmented Reality in real-world scenarios using Unity, with a focus on exploring the use of Hololens and virtual reality headsets.
  • Also Voluntarily held some Seminars and Talks to teach fellow developer about the Unity Environment and application of AR in Real World scenario.

Game Programmer Link to heading

[P1] Virtual Civilization Initiative, Ontario,CA(Remote) – (Jan 2022 - Nov 2022)

  • As a part of game development team, I was responsible for Developing the logic for the game characters and environmental mechanics in Unity3D. Here the I collaborated with the team using a closed GitHub repository.
  • Also reviewed the feature implementation by the other developer before merging into the main branch.
  • Additionally I also held some team meeting to discussing some future integration mechanics for the game.